Exit Devices

Locksmith Portland exit deviceEvery building or commercial property is equipped with emergency exit doors. These types of doors ensure that people inside the building or property will have an easy and fast means of escape in case there is a fire or other type of disaster that will require fast evacuation. Because these doors play an important role, they are also inspected and fire-rated accordingly before going on the market. The fire rating will point to how safe the door is by holding the fire and prevent it from spreading in order to give the people enough time to escape through it. Most fire/emergency exit doors are being used as a point of exit outside the building or property and are often equipped with an alarm system. However, there are other types of fire doors that are used within the property.

The fire type doors that are normally being used indoors will function just like any other door on a daily basis. Most if not all will not be equipped with an alarm system or its been disabled because of the daily use and the door’s purpose. If an emergency occur, these types of interior fire doors will be set up to automatically close to protect from any danger that cause the emergency such as fire for example. While being closed automatically, these doors will not lock as this will put the people in the building at risk and defeat the purpose of the door. In order to use a fire door in a commercial property, it must meet all fire codes and regulations set by the state or federal government.

Locksmith Portland emergency exit doorAll types of emergency exit doors will have a sticker on it that provides information about the amount of time the actual door was rated for to contain fire and the name of the organization that did the inspection and passed it. All emergency doors require by law to have a special closing device also known as exit device, push-bar, panic-bar, or panic-rim. If not properly equipped with one of those devices, the door may put all people in the commercial property at risk in case of an emergency. An exit device work in a way to allow fast access in case of an emergency. If the mechanism of the exit device will not work properly, it may present a risk as well. That is why it is important to leave it for the professionals such as locksmith companies to service and install these types of lock systems.

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Z-Wave Home Security

Locksmith Portland Z-Wave lockWith an increase of innovation in the home security area, many people are making the change for a modern home security system to protect their home. Z-Wave is one of many new technologies that has been developed in recent years to provide better security solution to residential properties around the country. The technology makes it possible for locks, lighting, and other type of devices to communicate with each other wirelessly and allowing full control using your smart phone. Many leading lock manufacturers such as Schlage and Kwikset added to their line locks that will support the Z-Wave technology.

Make no mistake, there are many smart home security systems in the market similar to the Z-Wave technology with the exception of the vulnerability level and the lack of security features the Z-Wave technology provides. Why is it important? an unreliable home security smart system can be vulnerable to hacks not to mention various methods that are used by intruders breaking into homes. However, devices that are equipped with the Z-Wave technology have been through certification and tests to ensure maximum quality. The Z-Wave technology is associated with the highest standards using high level of encryption that institutes such as banks for example use as well for their online banking system.

Locksmith Portland Z-Wave home security systemThe Z-Wave technology is now available in thousands of home products that are made by worldwide leading name brands, so you know the technology can be trusted. The additional advantage that the technology provides is the fact that various products from different manufacturers can be used as part of the system in your home. Because all products that support the technology went through the same certification process, they will work cohesively without any problems. This means that your home can be equipped with locks from both Schlage and Kwikset and they would still be able to sync with each other in the system.

For more information about smart security system for your home and Z-Wave compatible locks, contact Premier NorthWest Locksmith Portland (503) 438-4227.


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